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Your inbox is a reflection of your life - and it's easy to let it get cluttered with junk mail and old messages.

tokimeki is an app that helps you de-clutter your Gmail inbox.

tokimeki provides a simple way to clear up the junk mail you've been ignoring, as well as do away with the mail that you no longer need.

Read on to learn more - or sign up and get ready to make your mailbox delightful again!

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How it works

A delightful mailbox is just a few clicks away.

tokimeki will connect to your Gmail account and identify the senders and recipients of your emails.

The application will group your mail by the senders and recipients, and then you can choose to archive or delete the mail.

You can also choose to delete or archive future messages from this sender after a time of your choosing - for example, if you know you won't need to refer to a message from a sender in the future, you can choose to delete it after 30 days.

As new messages arrive in your mailbox, they will be automatically labeled - delete or archive them as you normally would, or let tokimeki handle it for you.

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